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Lockdown is the mother of invention, or so it seems. In the long, idle hours generated by Covid and Retirement, there has been ample opportunity to hone a new set of skills. The main insight I have gained after being out of the English classroom for the first time since 1982, is that the thing that I miss the most, the essence of English teaching is reading a great book or a poem aloud to a classroom full of kids. And so, I present the results, via my two new ventures, The View from the Great North Wood Youtube channel, and the Telling Stories Podcast. Indulge me, and think of this as therapy for someone still grieving.

Both ventures are straight out of the “Sniffin’ Glue” school of publishing, that is, rough and ready, with an unmistakeable aroma of punk. In those days, we were all just encouraged to get it down while it was hot. To pick up a guitar and learn two chords (who needed more? Patti Smith famously used just one, brilliantly) and start to thrash. To type, cut and paste (with scissors!) and xerox it.

So with that in mind, dive in. But be kind. And, don’t hold back from subscribing and spreading the word.

Episode 2 Three Poems Telling Stories

A reading of three poems with some commentary and suggestions for use in the classroom. The poems are: "Cultural Capital", with some thoughts on the inadequacy of OFSTED's conceptualization of that topic, "What Were They Like?" with some ideas on using this to get students to write their own version of Levertov's original, and Casting Spells and some thoughts on the power of reading aloud.
  1. Episode 2 Three Poems
  2. Episode 3 September
  3. Episode 1 Mr Stringer's Snow Day